Los Angeles County Environmental Hazard Sites

Environmental Hazard Zones include Leaking Underground Storage Tanks, Solid Waste Landfills, National and State Priority List sites, Active Oil Wells, Inactive Plugged Oil Wells, Toxic Chemical Release Inventory, Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Information System, Abandoned Mines, RCRA Corrective Action Sites, Radiation Sites, National Clandestine Laboratory Register sites and Spills, Leaks, Investigation and Cleanup sites.

Sample Map of Environmental Sites in Los Angeles County

Descriptions of Environmental Hazard Zones

All Environmental Hazard Sites are man-made. Most of them causes soil contamination, water contamination, radiation or air pollution, which are harmful people's health. People have more chance to get the cancer living in the Environmental Hazard Zones.

Certainly, the property inside or near the Environmental Hazard Zones will lost its value. It will cost lots of money to clean-up. Even after clean-up, it will have difficulty to transfer to the new owner.

Long Beach Oil Wells

Huntington Beach Oil Wells

Sample NHD Maps

SoCal Superfund Sites

EPA Water Quality

Waste landfills, oil, gasoline, chemical leaking laboratory, military sites will cause groundwater contamination.

San Gabriel Basin Groundwater Contamination

Earthquake Fault Zones

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