California Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) Report

If you own a house in the California and you don't know what the Natural Hazard Disclosure (NHD) report is, then you must keep signing your names on the escrow documents without reading the contents of the escrow documents when you were purchasing your house.

The Natural Hazard Disclosure report is required by law for all real estate transactions in California. Property buyer must sign the Receipt of Acknowledgement page before becoming the owner. The NHD report should cover following basic hazard zones:

bullet Special Flood Hazard Area
bullet Potential Flooding/Dam Inundation Areas
bullet Very High Fire Hazard Severity Zone
bullet Wildland Area That May Contain Forest Fire Risk
bullet Alquist–Priolo Earthquake Fault Zone
bullet Seismic Hazard Landslide Zone
bullet Seismic Hazard Liquefaction Zone

A house built in or near these hazard zones will threat people's safety and impact the property value. Today's NHD report also includes

bullet Military Ordnance Location
bullet Commercial/Industrial Proximity
bullet Airport Influence Area
bullet Airport Noise Exceeding 65dB
bullet Climate Zones
bullet Radon Zones
bullet Methane Zones
bullet Farmland Area
bullet Tsunami Inundation area
bullet Ultramafic Rock area
bullet Slide Prone and Landslide areas
bullet Coastal Bluffs area
bullet High Wind area
bullet Unstable Soils area
bullet etc...

Currently, the Natural Hazard Disclosure report has disclosed more information about the quality of land, air, sound and water, which impact the people's health.

Descriptions of Natural Hazard Disclosure

Impact Example: If you are purchasing a house in a Special Flood Hazard Zone and the real estate agent says that it's a 100-year flood zone and the flooding chance is very slim. But the agent might not mention about that you might need to pay more to buy your home protection plan from the insurance company.

Earthquake Fault Zones

Palos Verdes Landslide

USGS Landslide Hazard

Landslide Images

Sample NHD Maps

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