Who Drew First Tai Chi Diagram

The Yin Yang Symbol is called Tai Chi Diagram in China. This is because the Tai Chi philosophy is widely spread by I-Ching and Taoism.  There is no answer for who drew the first Tai Chi diagram. One says Tai-Chi is all from Fu-Xi, who invested I-Ching before Chinese written history. Yin Yang S-shape was found on the pottery in Shiah Dynasty (2205 B.C.)  and Chou (1122 B.C.)  Dynasty.  Others say it came from Han (104 B.C.)  Dynasty, Tan Dynasty or Sung Dynasty. The following is the first Tai Chin diagram found and is called Old Tai-Chi Diagram.


The Old Tai Chi Diagram has no fish eyes like today.

Mr. Lai's Tai Chi Diagram of Ming Dynasty has different look.

Dr. Stefan Jaeger's Yin Yang symbol was created in 2008.

Yin Yang Eyes Fu Xi discovered the secret of Eight Trigrams (ba-Gua). Combing two set of Trigrams become 64 Hexagrams, which can forecast the result of an event according to the circumstance. Just a few of intelligent Chinese mastered 64 hexagrams during Shang Dynasty (1751 BC) and Chou Dynasty. They used 64 hexagrams to conquer China.