Yin Yang River Opera

One Chinese Opera is called Yin Yang River, which is based on a Chinese novel title.  The story is about a girl ghost carrying water with buckets at the riverside. The Yin Yang River Opera has more than three different versions. Here is the good girl version.



One business man Mr. Zhang had a beautiful wife Ms. Lee Cui-Lian (Green-Lotus) . Mr. Chang was leaving for business trip to Sichuan Province. The night before In a romantic night of Mid-Fall festival, they drank wine and made love in the garden under the full moon night. The Goddess of Moon was very upset about they profaned the moon festival and pollute the purity of full moon.  The Goddess of Moon sued them to the King of Hell and wanted to bring the girl to the hell for punishment.


One the next day, Mr. Zhang left town for long journey. At night, King of Hell sent wind, thunder, rain and heat to kill the girl. That night, Lee Gui-Lian suddenly got a strange disease and died a few days later. Continue...