The Landslide at the Portuguese Bend of Palos Verdes Hill

The Portuguese Bend Landslide is a slow moving landslide which is located on the Palos Verdes Hills. These hills form an elongated topographic dome that rises from sea level to altitudes of more than 430 meters. The main Portuguese Bend Slide spans, at its greatest, 2,700 feet (820 m) wide and 3900 long.

Portuguese Bend 1956

The first movement indication occurred on Friday, August 17th 1956. Cracking occurred in the foundation of a recently built structure. The cracks were repaired, but new cracking occurred just days later. By September 4th, 10 cm offset was observed on the Palos Verdes Drive South. Distortion became noticeable on the Portuguese Bend pier on October 4th of that year. A survey station was installed to monitor ground movement. The station recorded movement of 7-10 cm per day. By the end of October, movement slowed to 2 cm per day.

Portuguese Bend 2005

The 2005 satellite picture shows the landslide of Portuguese Bend is continuing by comparing the route of Pacific Highway and the coastline.

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